Template / pattern for your housework or bachelor thesis for download

Anyone who studies knows that a term paper or bachelor thesis generally consists of several large steps that one after the other wants to be mastered. The first step is to research the literature (here you will find tips for quick reading) and to view the existing material and, if necessary, to carry out laboratory tests, experiments or surveys. If you have the necessary material together, the content and structural aspects are important. Layout specifications want to be taken into account, the cover sheet must be designed and you should think about the structure. The next big chunk is followed by the actual writing of the home or bachelor thesis as well as the final correction.

Of course, we can not write your homework or bachelor thesis for you, but to make life as easy as possible for you, below are patterns and templates for your chores that you can easily download. This saves you at least some of the structuring and layout tasks.

Here you can download our template for your thesis or bachelor thesis:

Depending on the word processing program, you can download the Bachelor thesis / housework template here for Word and Open Office for free:

Download our pattern for your homework or bachelor thesis.

You need more samples / templates for your Bachelor thesis or housework?

You will find many useful information and templates for the obligatory cover page for chores or bachelor theses here:

  • Cover page for your housework
  • Would you like a slightly fancier wrapper for your housework? We have created some patterns for you to download for free.

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